luni, 13 iulie 2015

Dream it! Do it!

Hello, hello, my beautiful zen friends!
 Let me share with you two moments from my last week, moments that showed me what wonderful people are in the world.
My friend Debbie, who has an incredible talent (you can see that here, on her blog, or here on her FB page) and an incredible big heart, sent me some official zentangel tiles and sakura pens. I can not find them in Romania and bringing them from the USA...the transportation costs and fees will rise the price 3 times. :( I was so touched by the words she sent me, by the earrings she put in the envelope for me, that...I...I just needed a moment to sit down and cry for a little bit. Happy tears, no sadness...just speachless.

The secomnd moment was this Saturday, when I met some beautiful friends. With the help of my friend Madalina, who has an NGO with cultural themes, I was able to show the Zentangle method and Zentangle spirit to some wonderful people. I am not a CZT, but I wanted to see if here, in my country, I could make a Zentangle community, if they would be interested in tangling. And, for my surprise...they were. I think they liked it! And because I think that the best way is the "power of example" way, I showed them some patterns and watch them tangling. And the results!

So, this week was a busy week for my soul. I had never felt so overwhelmed by joy, emotions, and positive thoughts. Even now, when I remeber those moments, my soul makes somersault in my stomach :)
now, let's move to this week challenge. It is all about the patterns that start with a "D".
This is what I did, using DEx, Diva Dance, Diamon Drope and Discolea:

So, all you have to do is to choose 3-5 patterns and show the world what you created by leaving a link below:

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  1. What a great week you have had. Those Zentangke tiles are lovely to draw on, how kind of your friend to send them. You seem to have had a great time showing everyone some tangle patterns. It is interesting seeing the photos of people in another country doing exactly the same sort of things as you do in your own country. I hope some of your friends really do get the Zentangke bug.

  2. Hi, I' back with my entry. Once again I have included it in the same post as my entry for the Diva Challenge. I just thought more people might discover your challenge and be enticed across from it. I was looking at the beginnings of other challenges the other day and found they had started for many weeks with only their own entry and then maybe one other entry, so I hope you won't get discouraged if it is only me and maybe Sarah from HungryCorgiStudio. Your own entry is great by the way, and you managed to include one of the new tangle patterns discolea. I have yet to try that.

  3. Hello you - sorry I got to this post so late!
    Time just slips past so quick.. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - the pleasure in sending the gifts are all mine <3 As I've said.. it would make me very happy if you enjoyed tangling on them :)
    BYW, you left a note on my blog (thank you!) to ask about the colour washes on my tiles.. I use watercolour pencils and water :) They are quick and easy and very fast to do ;) Have fun!! <3