marți, 7 iulie 2015

How do you C the world?

Hello, hello, my zen friends!
This week promises to be a busy one for me and an extremly hot one. It is 10.00 o'clock in the morning, and the sun is already burning the asphalt here, in my town. I think in 2 hours, the air will the impossible to breath. Thank God and the men who invented the air conditioner that I can find some nice and cold spaces to work :)
So, this week about the letter C, and I named it "How do you C the world?". The rule ia to use for your tile 3-5  tangles that begin with a "C" and please leave your link bellow, so everybody can see how you C the world.
I used Camelia, Chard, Clove, CO2 and Capell.

3 comentarii:

  1. I love how you find a phrase to fit the alphabet letter into. Great tile, nice and airy with both curves and grid tangles. I'll be back with mine.

  2. Hi Kristinne, I'm back with my tile. Just wanted to know how is your cataloging of tangles coming on? What letter are you doing at the moment?

    1. Hey, pretty lady! Lovely tile! Well, the catalogue is taking me more than I thought. I am an the Letter E, but I do not know if this week I will be able to pass to the letter F.