luni, 29 iunie 2015

Challenge #2 Let it B!

Hello, hello, my zen friends,
I hope you had a wonderful week and that you will have an even greater one just about to start :)
Today is a special day for me, so I am in a rush to a party, an anniversary one, for me and hubby so... I just wanted to launch this week Challenge. I called it "Let it B!", because...well you is about tangling using 3-5 tangels that start with a "b".
I used: Bandola, Beadlines, Beelight, Blox and Btl Joos.

So happy tangling everyone! I am looking forward to see your tiles, so do not forget to put them below:

4 comentarii:

  1. Oh, I do wish you well and hope you really enjoyed your party. How kind to think of posting the challenge first. I am enjoying using the letter of the week as a string. I love your choices, they compliment each other, I am still struggling with this.

  2. May I join your weekly challenge? I would love to participate! I enjoy Zentangle and doing many challenges. Thank you, Sarah

    1. Sarah, please join! I would love to see your tiles!

    2. Thank you. I put my link up and since I wasn't able to read the rules, it said I needed permission. (?). So I just went wild and gave you something bright and colorful. Thanks so much!! Sarah.